About Martin.

His creativity and passion for art have brought colours to his real estate canvas. Just how a blank page can magically turn into an artistic masterpiece, he's proof that grand things come from humble beginnings.

As outgoing as he naturally is, before he officially landed in the real estate landscape, he initially took on the adventure of being a painter. Since he’s fond of putting colours together, he thought of trying the sales side of art. He attended different workshops and demonstrated new products to potential customers while he assisted them with all their issues. Since sales has drawn a positive impression on him, after some time, he jumped into the automotive suppliers industry. With his combined skills and earned experience, he finally answered the call of real estate when Paul talked to his wife, who happened to be Paul’s niece, asking if Martin’s interested in doing sales in real estate. What he thought was just a small random chat turned out to be one of his biggest breaks! Naive in the industry at first, Martin is a fully licensed real estate agent who has been serving clients at 4one4 Property Co for more than a decade now!

As a real estate agent, Martin is keen to actively search out & list properties. With his job, he associates himself as the glue that sticks the buyer and the seller together. With him in the middle, he negotiates with the vendor for the terms in selling as well as with the buyer in price and conditions. As a people-person, along the way, he establishes relationships with his clients as he always wants them to have a pleasing experience--to keep them coming back for all their property needs. By far, he finds helping people and families out in their property journey as the most fulfilling part of his role. Selling a property at a price and under the conditions that both the seller and buyer are happy is how a priceless moment looks for him. 

Even if he’s passionate at work, Martin still finds some time to do the things he loves the most--outside the real estate setting. In his spare time, you’ll most probably find a sporty version of Martin. He loves to play AFL 9s for many years now and golf once to twice a month. This is his way to take a break from his usual schedule and socialise with his friends.  When he isn't hosting open homes, you won't find Martin sitting still for too long; He loves to fill his weekends up somehow. If he’s not playing, you’ll see him maintaining his propery; which he finds relaxing and therapeutic. Another one of Martins great passions  is for music. Just a fun fact (and to show his age?!), when Martin started working, he would usually buy a new album every Thursday night when he got paid. Even if Martin likes to be active, this doesn't really apply when he’s in the water. Would you believe if we say he actually has webbed toes? Yup, that’s another fun fact!

While he’s already been in the real estate business for quite a while now, Martin still finds something he can learn from every single day. He treasures his interactions with his clients as he also gets to learn from them. Not only does he create firmer relationships, but he also knows that in that way, people will talk positively about him to other people who are also wanting to fulfill their real estate dreams.

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