Why 4one4 Rentals

At 4one4 Property Co. our property management team has a combined total of over 65 years of experience, meaning that you can be assured you are receiving the best service from the knowledgeable property and portfolio managers.

At 4one4 we understand that when you invest in a property it is important to optimize that investment. Through our comprehensive service, you can be sure that your investment will reach its fullest potential within the marketplace. We will do this by using our extensive real estate knowledge to provide you with the best service.


We at 4one4 believe that no two homes are the same and that is why, when it comes to marketing your home for rent every property may require different elements to achieve a successful outcome. It is important to understand how each element of a marketing campaign works to ensure your property reaches 100% of the potential marketplace.


First thing to understand is that not everyone searches for property the same way you may and that to reach 100% of the tenant pool it’s important that you use a variety of advertising options. By investing in different methods of advertising your property, you are investing in the potential profits you can make.

There are lots of ways to market your property. For example a signboard, online, video and in newspapers.

This is why we target tenants across all different media types, including print, online and our agency marketing. By covering 100% of the advertising options you substantially increase the potential number of tenants for your property.


Here at 4one4, we believe the key to renting your property quickly is high-quality marketing and this is why the first step for any new rental property is professional photos produced by our in house marketing department 4one4 Media House.

This service is offered exclusively to our landlords when you employ 4one4 to manage your property it will be represented to the highest standard, that’s our guarantee.


Sometimes it’s not possible to photograph a property in its best light, however, through the magic of our media department, we are able to do some amazing things….. Say hello to our digital declutter service.

Regardless of the situation, our guarantee is your home will always present stunning within our marketing material.


To ensure everyone can easily access the best features of your home we supply 3D Matterport Scans when required.

These 3D Scans allow a user to walk through the home from anywhere in the world and hold a higher engagement rate than photos and video combined.


The second core component to our marketing campaigns is video! Video is engaging and sells a story like no other medium can and is available for 4one4 Rentals should you require one.

Statistics show that properties using video enjoy 403% more enquires than properties without and with video making up over 90% of all internet traffic it only makes sense to incorporate video into every marketing campaign.


As part of any online marketing strategy it is important that your property is represented well with full-text descriptions, a large selection of high-quality photos, Google maps, Google street view and easily accessible agent details. When listing with 4one4 Property Co. you can rest easy knowing that 4one4.com.au is an award-winning website – voted by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania. Couple this with your property also featuring on domain.com.au and realestate.com.au, which average over seven million unique visitors each month, your property is well covered online.

An additional feature of 4one4.com.au is that at any stage you can log into our “Landlord login” area and check on the status of your property, maintenance requests and statements.