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If real estate is a round in a marathon, he probably has reached the finish line already, but with the dedication and commitment he has for the industry, he still keeps running with flying colours. As a selfless man, he devoted his life not only to learning the whole real estate book but also to share every page of it with those who are starting to write their career stories in the same field.

Chris began flipping through the pages of real estate in 1986 proving that experience, indeed, is the best teacher. Many are wondering what motivated him to stay this long in the industry. A little back story, prior to starting his first chapter in real estate, he was once working in the hotel industry until he had realisations that he wanted to have flexibility when it comes to time and salary. As he described, he saw real estate as an opportunity to ‘reap what you sow’. Little did he know, this will also serve as an avenue to find his place in numerous boards and charity organisations while trying to lift the credibility of the industry.

With more than 3 decades of experience, excellence and recognition became part of his day-to-day system right when he began to join the industry. In his first month in real estate, Chris already manifested his untiring passion and broke the office record; after 12 months, he became the top-selling salesperson for the next 5 years. His highest achieving month of 23 sales and 15 listings paved the way for his 3-year winning streak in the Multi-List Salesperson Awards in the side of Tasmania. With his continuous willingness to learn and develop, he purchased his own company in partnership with Don Neil called Derwent First National in 1994. First National Real Estate McGregor was established in 2000 which lasted until June 2020 when he merged with 4one4 Property Co.

As mentioned, Chris is socially-involved with different organisations where he gets to sharpen his management and communication skills. He has served on the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT) Boards since 1989 and was elected as State President from 1998 to 2000. He also committed his time on the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) Board from 2004 to 2010 and became the Deputy President of REIA in 2009-2010. In 2018, he re-joined the REIA National Board until December 2021. For approximately 10 years, Chris has been an REIT Trainer and Auctioneer and currently, he’s still the Board Director of the REIT. Aside from these, he is also the present National Australian Vice President for FIABCI, a French acronym for the International Real Estate Federation, which is based in Paris. He is also an active member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World which paved the way for 4one4 Property Co. to be a valuable member, too. 

Other things that make up his real estate life include being a Fellow of the following: Real Estate Institute of Australia, Australian Marketing Institute and CPM, Australian Institute of Management, and Australian Institute of Company Directors. He’s also a member of the National Association of Realtors Global Business & Alliances Group USA and an Honorary Member of the SBAOR Global Real Estate Committee California, USA. Chris has also served as an REIA National Awards Judge for Excellence since 2006 and is also a FIABCI Prix d’Excellence International Awards Judge from 2012. Likewise, he’s also a Judge for the REINT and REIACT Awards.

With all his contribution to the real estate industry, Chris became the 2009 Recipient of the Prestigious John Greig Trophy Service to the Real Estate Industry. At the September 2014 REIT Awards night, he was also awarded the highest honour one can receive from the REIT: Life Membership of the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania.

While being a Real Estate Agent, he committed himself to these organisations guided with the right time management skills. He always makes sure he knows all upcoming events beforehand and takes note of them in his diary to keep everything on track. Since real estate is a people business, being connected to these groups gave him an edge in terms of connections all around the world. Out of all his duties and responsibilities, Chris finds being the Director of REIT as one of his most fulfilling roles as it adds value to the real estate industry. It definitely costs him time but everything for Chris seems worthwhile. Another rewarding part for him is his association with FIABCI. He enjoys catching up with his friends in 70 countries while he learns different cultures from various parts of the world. What special thing that he learned from this is everytime you give somebody a smile, you’ll genuinely get one back. 

Outside his busy schedule, Chris is a very keen car enthusiast. He belongs to the Porsche Club Tasmania where he does a lot of weekend drives with other members. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new places. When he just wants to relax, he usually watches movies, may it be in the cinema or at home. When he was younger, he liked to express his creative side through arts and drawing--which he still finds joyful at times today. Other than that, he likes entertaining and socialising with people. With his great sense of humour and friendly personality, this isn’t a tricky job at all for him.

While he already is an accomplished person who has been witnessing how real estate transforms through time, he is still looking forward to the growth of the business and the industry. He loves the culture at 4one4 Property Co. and highlights how everyone is appreciated. He’s eyeing to see a successful real estate business and work within his organisations as he’s getting toward the end of his career--wanting to finish in a high.

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