Welcome to 4one4, Brooke Hall!

Injecting a burst of vibrant energy and a touch of maternal charm, meet the newest addition to the fun and friendly 4one4 Property Co. squad, Brooke Hall!!! Though she’s been officially on board for just a few weeks, you’ve guessed it right – she’s already making waves and stealing hearts!

Fresh out of college in 2016, Brooke’s journey began in the wild world of swim teaching before diving headfirst into an admin role at a property management agency. Speedily acquiring her Property Representative Licence, she soared to portfolio management heights. Four years at a large real estate agency added layers to her story, and now, at 4one4 Property Co., she’s ready to write the next epic chapter.

4one4 Property Co | Welcome to 4one4, Brooke Hall | Brooke, along with her lovely circle of friends
Brooke, along with her lovely circle of friends
4one4 Property Co | Welcome to 4one4, Brooke Hall | Brooke with her 14-month-old son, Tommy
Brooke’s little ray of sunshine: Tommy

Brooke boasts an impressive six-year career in the real estate industry. Starting as a portfolio manager, she quickly transitioned into a Business Development Manager (BDM) role in October last year. Her background in managing portfolios and dealing with tenants and landlords has equipped her with valuable insights into the intricacies of the field. Brooke’s ability to connect with clients and confidently sell her passion sets her apart in her new role.

She acknowledges the challenges of her role, particularly in a competitive market where agencies may compromise on fees. But fear not, because Brooke is not one to back down; she’s the superhero the real estate carnival didn’t know it needed.

Despite the hurdles, her passion for the industry and commitment to providing quality service positions her for success. Brooke looks forward to promoting both her personal brand and 4one4 Property Co., emphasising its unique position as a privately owned, sustainable agency. She’s here to prove that being small doesn’t mean playing small.

Having already glimpsed into Brooke’s professional world and her journey in the real estate lane, we’ve curated some questions that we find significant to delve deeper into the persona of our latest superstar.

Which qualities do you possess that contribute to your success in this position?
4one4 Property Co | Brooke Hall Circle

I think my friendly demeanour helps a lot. I enjoy meeting new people; I like seeing different properties, but I am continuously learning every day, especially dealing with losing properties. I’m friendly and approachable and always willing to help. My goal is to achieve  the best outcome for my clients and their property. I understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, no appraisal is going to be the same but my ability to understand and relate to someone on a personal level is what sets me apart.

What do you perceive as the most significant challenge in your current role?
4one4 Property Co | Brooke Hall Circle

I think, at the moment, it would be competing with other agencies. There are a lot of agencies out there that are focusing on growth and they’re not centred on sustainability and income. The tendency, they’re offering really low fees because they want the numbers. From a client’s point of view, with interest rates and their mortgages at an all-time high, the less that they pay per week for someone to manage their property, the better–which I understand, but sometimes, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. So, trying to sell our industry experience and advanced technology is going to be the biggest strategy. 

What brings you the greatest fulfilment in your role
4one4 Property Co | Brooke Hall Circle

Being in the industry for six years now, I really enjoy selling something that I am truly passionate about and witnessing the positive outcomes for my clients fills my heart with joy. While I’m involved primarily in the initial stages, working alongside the rest of the team in the office allows me to monitor the leasing progress and witness the ultimately gratifying end results. 

What aspects of your tenure at 4one4 Property Co. are you eagerly anticipating?
4one4 Property Co | Brooke Hall Circle

I’m looking forward to being able to get my name out there more. In my previous role, my attention was directed towards different priorities; whereas here, I’m aiming at increasing my visibility in the industry alongside 4one4’s name.

Beyond her dynamic real estate career, Brooke discovers joy in moments spent with her partner, Brendon, and their 14-month-old son, Tommy. For Brooke, family holds utmost importance, and dedicating time to them constitutes her non-work hours – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

4one4 Property Co | Welcome to 4one4, Brooke Hall | Brooke with her near and dear family
Brooke with her near and dear family

When asked about her life outside work and family, Brooke mentioned how she loves catching up with family & friends and going to casual parties at times. She even spilled the beans on her role as the “mom” in her friend group, a title she wears with pride.

“Even before I became a mom, they still described me as the mom of the group – the mature one, the one who always puts others first and who looks after everyone.”

Brooke brings a perfect blend of experience, passion, and professionalism to her role as the Business Development Manager at 4one4 Property Co. Her journey from swim teaching to real estate management showcases her adaptability and determination in pursuing her career goals.

So, here’s to Brooke and her 4one4 journey!!! The adventure has just begun, and we can’t wait to see what quirky twist she adds to the next chapter or her real estate escapade.

If you’re just around the corner, feel free to come and say g’day to our newest superstar!!! Spoiler alert: she’s really nice and friendly!