Nino Macapinlac.

Content Manager

About Nino .

Words are his life-long weapons; writing is his greatest passion. 

Unlike any other writers, Niño likes to take things differently. He’d rather make orange juice out of lemons than to stick with the norm and produce a lemonade. While he continues to defy gravity, he applies his versatility in turning random words into a brand new masterpiece. 

As a graduate of Communication, Niño applied his earned skills as a Digital Marketer in a real estate agency based in the Philippines. Also, as a big defier of Science’s Law of Impenetrability, he also has been working then as a freelance copywriter and an entrepreneur during weekends. After more than a year, he jumped off the cliff and found his true core in writing–hence, even if he’s miles away, the doors of 4one4 Property Co. have opened for him. The thought of real estate wasn’t all strange to him, but discovering how odd things can be in different countries keeps him excited and motivated on a daily basis. 

Currently, Niño enjoys exploring not only the internal team and its scope, but also the communities around as he gets to talk with business owners with their respective businesses as subjects for his write-ups. Not only can he show his expertise from there, but the thought of helping them raise brand awareness affects him so much. 

While he’s still in the process of writing the right thing, Niño is a sociable person. When he’s not proofreading his written works, he likes to hangout with his friends during the weekend and spend time with his family whenever it’s possible. Some of his hobbies include reading inspirational books, binge-watching series, creating digital content, and taking photographs. 

His people-friendly personality and willingness to learn constantly helps him with his current role. Niño finds it easier to adapt to a new environment when there’s constant communication that eventually turns the unknown into something familiar. Currently, he’s looking forward to learning more about the structure of the industry, and until then, more curated, useful, and informative content will be creatively put into words.

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