Demi Shea.

Portfolio manager

About Demi.

Similar to her love for dancing, she likes her everyday tasks to be balanced and well-coordinated. She’s known to take every step with grace and can effortlessly keep up with any beat. While there’s no choreography to be good in the real estate industry, she believes that practice makes perfect. Eventually, with the help of her members, she could effortlessly ace her performance whichever genre it may be.

Looking back, Demi has always wanted to be a marine biologist. But the stars have realigned and she was redirected to a different path. Prior to starting her career in real estate with 4one4 Property Co., she was working in a law firm doing conveyancing work as both a secretary and receptionist. Real estate might be a whole new stage for her, but her experience communicating with different people in her previous career has helped her prepare for her new venture.

As a Portfolio Manager, she believes that patience and the ability to listen and empathise with your clients are valuable characteristics to be good in this role. As a natural people-person, dealing with various people is a task she really finds fun and fulfilling. The thought of hearing different stories and knowing diverse personalities is something that excites her even more.

Demi is one who befriends challenges and she sees them as avenues to learn from and develop further in her craft. Just like the bravery it takes to step up on the stage for a dance performance; if given an option, she’s always up for exploring new things. In Demi's mind, you learn the most when you push yourself out of the box; the real fun happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

When she’s not spending her days managing portfolios, Demi loves to hang out with her friends and family. She is a very sociable and friendly person and always makes sure to spend time with her near and dear loved ones. And if it wasn’t too obvious yet, Demi is a major lover of dancing ranging from jazz to intense hip hop. She has been doing it as a hobby for 21 years now. This keeps her sane and relaxed during her spare time and serves as a breather from her everyday schedule.

Currently, she’s loving how her choice of trying out real estate turned out to be one of her best decisions yet. Hence, Demi is looking forward to creating more connections and establishing stronger relationships not just with her clients, but also with the people whose hearts are chained to real estate.

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