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If his heart is lit with fire, the real estate business is the fuel that keeps it burning. What started to be some matchsticks of passion and dedication, now serves as a torch to his greatest ambition--to be one of the best real estate agents in the world. 

When he was a lot younger, Aaron thought he’d take the direction of finance growing up--but he found his special place in the real estate industry instead. Prior to that, Aaron worked in a regional retail supermarket. With his workmates-turned-friends, he was able to develop his communication skills and became compassionate as he interacted with them on a daily basis. Even if the world of real estate was a strange place for him, he conveniently and effectively adapted to the environment because of his combined experience and personality. 

Since the industry is a bit unfamiliar to him, Aaron took this as an opportunity to knock on everyone--literally and figuratively. He needed to start from scratch as he built his database--door-knocking, cold calling, and doing all sorts of social media campaigns. It wasn’t an overnight process, but from nothing, he now receives awesome commendations from his clients. While going above and beyond his call of duty, he considers his skills as a power to make people’s dreams come true. He finds helping first-time buyers secure their first property, especially in a very active market, as one of the most fulfilling parts of his real estate career. 

Coming from an active and dynamic environment of real estate, Aaron likes to take himself in a peaceful treat during his spare time. He strongly believes that if you have a positive mind, you also have a positive life. During weekends or holidays, along with his partner, Aaron likes to do bushwalking in the rainforest. The quietness and calmness of the place makes him relax and switch off from the busy streets of the city. Aside from this, he also likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and does exercise on a regular basis. Looking back, Aaron was not at all naive in the real estate world--it’s somehow innate in his fate. He was born in Melbourne and when he turned ten, his family lived in different houses going from one property to another as he aged. From there, he was already exposed to real estate and its processes.

In this world full of negativities, Aaron wants to be a natural source of positivity. He rarely cares about what others think of him and he just values how he sees himself. As an exciting and outgoing person, Aaron is looking forward to doing more in the real estate setting. He’s committed to fulfilling his dream of becoming the best real estate agent, one experience at a time.

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