The Ultimate Showdown Between Lego and Real Estate Investments

This one’s probably the most controversial topic to talk about, as far as investment is concerned. Come and step right into a fantastical face-off that will surely tickle your funny bone (and hopefully, your investor side, too!). In one corner, we have the timeless and colourful world of Lego, and in the other, the sturdy and dependable domain of real estate. 

It’s an investment extravaganza that will have you giggling and pondering in equal measure, as we dive into the quirky and amusing sides of these seemingly unrelated but tied together worlds. 

So, here’s the ultimate head-scratcher: Which investment takes the cake? Lego or Real Estate? Get your front-row seat for the thrilling battle of the investments!

Round 1: Lego – Building Dreams One Brick at a Time!

Much like assembling pieces of a puzzle, Lego investments involve collecting sets, rare minifigures, and limited-edition releases. The joy and nostalgia associated with these iconic toys can translate into significant value over time, as collectors and enthusiasts seek to acquire and preserve these unique pieces of cultural history.

4one4 Property Co | Lego VS Real Estate Investment | Advantages of Lego Investment

According to Brick Economy, the years 2020 to 2022 emerge as LEGO’s most successful period in terms of average annual growth rate. Specifically, the annual growth rates for this time were 7.06% in 2020, 7.83% in 2021, and 5.70% in 2022. Notable LEGO themes experiencing substantial annual growth include BrickLink (25.91%), Stranger Things (22.78%), and FORMA (22.04%). And in case you’re curious, Star Wars stands out as the most owned set theme.

To unwrap the awesomeness of Lego investments, check out the scoop on the cool perks and advantages that come with diving into the colourful world of stacking bricks and building dreams.

No Stuffy Suits Required: Diving into Lego investments doesn’t demand financial expertise or formal business attire. In reality, it invites you to rediscover your inner child. Embrace the joy of being a kid again as you stack and snap those plastic bricks together.

Play, Learn, and Earn: Engage in a world of learning and fun with Lego. Sharpen your problem-solving, creativity, and patience skills, which can significantly contribute to your real-world pursuits, especially investment-wise. 

Limited Edition Treasures: Securing certain Lego sets is like chasing after a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – they’re rare, elusive, and might just bring you a touch of magical luck!! Possessing limited edition sets has the potential to become a valuable asset over time, akin to discovering a hidden goldmine in your collection.

Diverse Portfolio: Lego offers a kaleidoscope of sets, from Star Wars and Avengers to Harry Potter. It’s like a buffet of building brilliance, catering to every taste and interest under the sun.

Round 2: Real Estate – The Castle You Can Live In!

Now, let’s shift our attention to the big, bold, and beautiful world of real estate – the heavyweight contender in this battle of investments.

As per a collaborative report by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Russell Investments, Australia has witnessed an average return on investment in real estate of 6.8% over the last century. The average rental yield in Australia stands at approximately 8%, with 1% allotted for continuous expenses such as dues, strata, and insurance fees.

4one4 Property Co | Lego VS Real Estate Investment | Advantages of Real Estate Investment

In real estate, you need to be a bit of a detective. You look for the best spots, keep an eye on what people want, and watch how the money game is played. It’s like playing a strategic board game, but with real-life houses and apartments. 

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a top-notch detective in the real estate realm? Let’s unveil the magic and see how real estate can transform your investment journey into a dazzling adventure!

A Tangible Asset: Real estate hands you a concrete, touchable asset. You can run your fingers over it, experience it firsthand, and hey, you can even live in it! Good luck doing that with a Lego castle!

Passive Income Bonanza: Real estate isn’t just bricks and mortar – it’s your ticket to a constant flow of chill income while your cash puts in the hard work. Imagine sipping cocktails on the beach while your money does the hustle for you. It’s like having a financial fiesta that never takes a break!

Price Appreciation: While Lego sets might just relax on your shelf, real estate is like a fine wine – it tends to get better with time! Imagine your investment not just sitting pretty, but actually getting richer as the years roll by. 

Leverage and OPM: With real estate, you can play the game of OPM (Other People’s Money) like a financial wizard. Taking out loans can crank up your returns, giving you a power boost that Lego investments can only dream of. It’s like turning your money into a superhero cape, ready to conquer the financial world! 

Round 3: The Quirky Twist – Who Wins the Throne?

Now that we’ve unmasked the superpowers of real estate and Lego investments, let’s throw them into the ring and watch the ultimate face-off unfold! Figure-wise, Lego investment might have initially won the hearts of investors, but we also need to consider other factors–aside from the fact that we want real estate to win this standoff (just pretend you haven’t read that lol). 

Jokes aside, it’s high time to dissect these two money-making mavericks and see which one emerges as the champion of the financial showdown. 

4one4 Property Co | Lego VS Real Estate Investment

Be Your Own Landlord or Live Like Royalty: Real estate hands you the keys to be the king or queen of your own castle, where you can rule rent-free in your own domain. Now, attempt pulling off that feat with Lego investing – spoiler alert: not gonna happen!

Price Surge Shield: Inflation might make your Lego bricks more expensive, but it makes your real estate investment even more valuable. It’s as if you’re in a real-life Monopoly game, strategically collecting properties and witnessing your wealth skyrocket with each roll of the dice.

Real Estate Drama: With quirky neighbours, historical tales, and surprises around every corner, owning a slice of the real estate pie guarantees a never-ending saga of excitement. It’s like tuning into your favourite reality show, but this time, you’re the star of the property-packed drama! Not that we say drama’s essential but that’s definitely more exciting than lifeless Lego bricks, right?!?


In this epic showdown between Lego and real estate investments, both have their unique quirks and charms. Lego brings out the child in us and teaches valuable skills we can use in investing, whilst real estate offers tangible assets, passive income, and the potential for substantial wealth.

But at the end of the day, you don’t have to choose between the two – you can have the best of both worlds. Diversify your investment portfolio to enjoy the playful and the stable, the quirky and the secure. So, go ahead, build your dreams with Lego and your future with real estate. The universe is your canvas, and your investments are the colours that paint its brilliance!

Invest wisely, and may your financial journey be as fun and exciting as an afternoon spent building Lego masterpieces and exploring the fascinating world of real estate. We can help with the latter, so, if diving into the world of real estate investments is on your agenda, drop us a message and let our fantastic team guide you. And for all your Lego adventures, our go-to guy is none other than Patrick Berry, our Director – he’s the brick-built guru to connect with!