All eyes on this unique property in Lindisfarne

In a vast sea of real estate listings, a unique timber split-level property in Lindisfarne has surfaced, turned heads, and even generated some red hot buzz in our local Tassie real estate space.

If you think of the property market as something similar to Elon’s ‘blue bird app’, this property likely tops the trending list by now–similar to how it hit the number one spot in’s charts over the past week with countless listing views–making it the talk of the Hobart town lately. 

And we can’t blame them anyway. 

Truly, 29 Wassell Place is a gem that deserves to be uncovered.

As of this writing, this property has appeared in more than 77,400 search results with over 7,200 listing views on 4one4 Property Co. Sales Consultant Aaron Murray revealed that during their first open home, about 80 people were walking through the house, which he found ridiculous. “So far, we’ve had over 40 interested groups that have expressed their interest.”

4one4 Property Co | Popular Property in Tasmania | With over 7,200 views on, 29 Wassell Place captures the home hunters' attention with its unique features
With over 7,200 views on, 29 Wassell Place captures the home hunters’ attention with its unique features

From its clever design features to its beautifully presented exterior, this 4-bedroom residence is something you won’t find elsewhere but Lindisfarne. 

According to Mr Murray, this is the very reason why it’s attracting a lot of potential purchasers. “It’s different, and people like ‘different’,” Mr Murray summarised.

Among the unique features that set it apart from other current listings in the market include its high ceilings, skylights that take advantage of natural light, and the massive trees covering the home, making it like one’s private oasis. “It’s just a mix of an amazing lifestyle opportunity and it’s just brimming with comfort,” he said.

“And there are a lot of extras when you go in there, making it sort of a kid’s playground with many little corners and avenues to explore.”

In an interview with Jarrad Bevan for, Mr Murray mentioned that the beauty of the property has been greatly showcased by the autumn season.

“The leafy surroundings create a picturesque setting that really does enhance the property’s overall appeal. Everywhere you look, the scenery is simply breathtaking.”

In the same interview with, he also disclosed that the split-level home attracts new enquiries daily, highlighting that there has never been a day without a phone ring.

Majority of these enquiries have been made by locals who appreciate the home’s distinctive attributes, but there were also few interstate buyers who were drawn by this home’s allure. 

Whilst many interstate buyers are interested in Battery Point and Sandy Bay, which are higher-income areas offering a variety of homes, Mr Murray finds it fascinating that Lindisfarne, a suburb that was once often disregarded, is now gaining massive attention because of this unique property. 

When asked about the owner’s reaction to all this craze around the property, he shared that he was extremely happy and excited. “He knew to himself the reasons he fell in love with this property and it hasn’t changed that much since he purchased it. He was expecting the next person to pull it up for the same reasons.”

4one4 Property Co | Popular Property in Tasmania | Its classic neutral toned interior is just as equally impressive as its distinctive exterior
Its classic neutral toned interior is just as equally impressive as its distinctive exterior

Offers over $725,000, 29 Wassell Place has heaps of attractive features that every homeowner dreams of. This includes its pleasant Tas Oak flooring, classic neutral tones, carefully placed double-glazed windows and doors, gas hot water and heating system, and a ducted vacuum system. 

Additional features include multiple timber decks, a roomy dining and living area that connects to a magnificent timber kitchen with a stylish crimson splashback, gas cooktop, walk-in pantry, and breakfast bench, and four spacious bedrooms with plush carpets and built-in robes, including a stunning master suite with a private deck overlooking the river, a walk-through wardrobe, and an ensuite bathroom.

And since 4one4 Property Co. likes to escape the conventional, the MediaHouse Team, in coordination with this property’s agents Aaron Murray and John McGregor, came up with an out-of-this-world espionage slash Mission Impossible-themed video as part of the marketing campaign. 

Mr Murray shared that this idea originated from 4one4’s Media Guru, Aaron Horne, who’s fond of putting extra in the ordinary. “We sort of just spoke about it, and Horne’s first opinion was that the property sort of reminded him of something you’d see in a James Bond film. We started expanding it out from there, and that’s when all the other little ideas started running.”

He acknowledged that it was initially challenging to think of ways to create a decent blend of having fun with the video while also tying in the property–but it worked effortlessly in the end!

Mr Murray has recognised that this marketing video has helped spread the word with all the engagements and property clicks, but more than that, “it’s also a way to try and get people to look at us as agents and see us as fun-loving individuals rather than just suit-wearing agents sort of thing.”

4one4 Property Co | Popular Property in Tasmania | Some snapshots from the Mission Impossible-inspired marketing video for 29 Wassell Place, Lindisfarne
Some snapshots from the Mission Impossible-inspired marketing video for 29 Wassell Place, Lindisfarne

For the full details of 29 Wassell Place, Lindisfarne, you may view the listing here, or you may also reach out and arrange a personal inspection with these fun and friendly agents: 

Aaron Murray // 0418 969 859 //
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