Community Spotlight // The Albert Brewery.

Beer that is meticulously made with passion and precision – that is the specialty of The Albert Brewery and Taproom!

Hail, Tasmanian beer fans and lager lovers! Here’s to the latest stop for your Friday night knock off without having to cross the Flannelette Curtain and leave Moonah! The Albert Brewery and Taproom is ready to bring good times and make your days BEER-y BREW-tiful (Oops, pun intended!) 

A lot of Boekamp Bier’s regulars might have felt sad with its sudden closure at the end of 2020, but with a new vision (perhaps a more perfect vision than 20/20), the Moonah brewery is back! With a new name, which, you guessed it – was inspired by its location, 73-75 Albert Road – The Albert Brewery relaunched in the first quarter of 2021.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Heidi Skeels, The Albert Brewery’s Marketing Manager, where she was able to let us in on the numerous things The Albert Brewery has to offer the local area.

According to Heidi, the team at ‘The Albert’ – as it is affectionately known – is aiming to bring quality lagers to masses. Combining passion and dedication, the team hopes to provide a genuine drinking alternative to people from all walks of life, with a no nonsense, back-to-basics approach to beer. 

Firm believers in the saying “good things take time”, Heidi explained that this is the main driver behind their business operations. “We are really passionate about doing things right the first time around. Out of respect for our product and the people who drink it, we want to make sure that we are always producing the best we can offer – and that means no compromises or shortcuts!”

When asked what makes their products unique, here’s what Heidi had to say: 

“We use a number of traditional brewing techniques to create our lagers. This often means that the time is takes to get beer in glasses is a lot longer that other styles of beer. From traditional lagering techniques to decoction mashing, we’re really strong advocates for the tried-and-true approaches to brewing.”

In explaining how these methods contribute to the final product, she explains, “They definitely take more time and effort, but the end result is a more refined and complete product and one we can happily and proudly stand behind.”

When asked about how The Albert Brewery fits in to the broader landscape of Tasmanian breweries and the beer industry in general, Heidi responded, “One thing we’re really passionate about is focusing on the positives of what defines our business. We’re not here to draw comparisons with other breweries and highlight our differences. But I suppose we are targeting a broader range of drinkers – our intention is to make beers that are just as accessible to craft beer drinkers as they are to your traditional, mainstream lager drinkers.”

The Albert’s core range includes a Lager, Pilsner, and a Dark Lager with a number of Taproom only releases on the way. In addition to the great tasting beer, The Albert also offers a range of Tasmanian wines and ciders, along with a rotating food truck for each of its trading nights. Tastebuds rejoice! 

Aside from their products, one of The Albert’s greatest strengths is their venue and its location. Attracting several regulars already, the team are really happy with how it has been received by locals. “First and foremost, we are a production brewery. This means that our main priority is getting canned and kegged products across Tasmania and the rest of the nation. But we have put a lot of time and resources into getting the Taproom looking really appealing. We want to make sure that its an open and inviting space for everyone – from tradies knocking off after work to local families bringing their children – or dogs! The whole team really wants to create an environment that’s welcoming to all walks of life.”

As part of the launch, The Albert is planning to increase its capacity along with it’s outdoor seating availability. With a number of grand plans on the horizon, The Albert is looking like a go-to destination for summer afternoons in the Northern Suburbs. “We’ve definitely got room to grow. We’ve recently installed four additional 6000 litre lagering tanks which will increase our output quite a bit. And we’re currently discussing how we can make better use of our carpark once the warmer weather hits.” 

Whether you’re looking for a place for some afterwork knock offs or just wanting a good time with friends and family, The Albert brewery is the place to go! Make sure to visit Thursday – Friday from 3pm -10pm and on Saturday’s 12pm – 10pm.

Heidi’s final words were, “I think that quality is where we really want to focus… we’re really passionate about producing quality in all its forms – from the beer we brew, to the Taproom experience and every other interaction our customers have with our brand. Using those traditional brewing techniques all take time and patience and effort, but when you taste that beer at the end of it all… well I suppose it makes it all worth it!” 

If The Albert Brewery’s team and drinks have one thing in common with our Team at 4one4Property Co., it’s got to be that we’re both brewed with passion and precision! 

We hope you have a great time sampling their products for yourself (responsibly, of course!). Keep an eye out for The Albert products at your local pub or bottle shop too! We’d love to know your thoughts, and look forward to seeing you there! 


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