Discover Bluey’s World coming to life at Glenorchy Bunnings!

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Hammerbarn…for Real life!

February is turning out to be a thrilling month in Glenorchy, even more so than playing catch in the backyard! The Glenorchy Bunnings Warehouse has transformed into ‘Hammerbarn’ from the popular Australian TV show, Bluey. This event brings Bluey’s animated world to life, offering a month full of laughter, fun, and DIY magic for families.

Bluey and Bingo in Trolley fromHammerbarn episode of Bluey

Dive Into Bluey’s World

If you’re new to Bluey, here’s the scoop: it’s an animated series loved by kids and adults worldwide. It follows Bluey, a playful puppy, her sister Bingo, and their family through daily adventures. The show is known for its fun stories, family moments, and lessons on life, all wrapped in Australian humor.

‘Hammerbarn’ is a make-believe store in Bluey’s world, much like the real Bunnings Warehouse. It’s featured in an episode where Bluey and Bingo go on a creative adventure, showing us the joy in everyday tasks.

Imagine walking into Bunnings and finding yourself in Bluey’s world. That’s what’s happening this February in Glenorchy. The store has become a blend of a hardware shop and a playground of imagination, inspired by Bluey’s Hammerbarn adventure.

Meet Bluey and Bingo in Person!

One of the best parts of this event is meeting Bluey and Bingo. They’re stepping out of the TV and into our world, ready to meet their fans. It’s a special moment for fans to take photos and give high-fives to their favourite characters. Make sure to book your spot online here.

Fun Activities All Month

Beyond meeting Bluey and Bingo, the Glenorchy store is packed with activities:

  • DIY Workshops: Every weekend, children can get creative with Bluey-themed projects. These workshops are fun and educational, leaving kids with a unique certificate and collectible stickers.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Take home a piece of the adventure with exclusive Bluey items. From garden gnomes seen in the show to special Hammerbarn merchandise, these are perfect for fans.
  • Scavenger Hunt: A store-wide scavenger hunt will have families searching for characters and enjoying surprises along the way. It’s a fun way to explore Bluey and Bingo’s world.

Why Glenorchy?

Glenorchy’s Bunnings was chosen for its commitment to community, culture, and creativity. It’s part of a select group of stores bringing Bluey’s world to fans, showing how stories can bring us together and spark joy.

A Community Celebration

Turning Bunnings Glenorchy into Hammerbarn is more than just a tribute to a TV show. It’s a celebration of family, imagination, and community. It reminds us of the magic in coming together over shared joys. So, race on down to Glenorchy’s Bunnings this February for a memorable Bluey adventure. Wackadoo!