On The Way ‘To The North’

A Pop-up Community Market

Don’t have any plans yet for the coming weekend? Why not add some spice to it and make it festive and special one? 

Just ‘North’ of the Flannelette Curtain, located on Albert Road in Moonah, join is as the street transforms into a whole new world where arts, music, food, and nothing but good vibes meet and greet!

All of these and other fun activities await you this Sunday, 5th June, for the ‘To The North’ Pop-up Community Market!

4one4 Property Co: Official poster of 'To The North' Pop-up Community Market [Photo: To The North's official website]
Official poster of ‘To The North’ Pop-up Community Market [Photo: To The North’s official website]

‘To the North’ is a non-profit event driven by the desire to give back to the community. It focuses on the cultural diversity of Moonah; and brings the community together to celebrate inclusivity and diversity in all forms! 

This market started to give life to Albert Road in 2021. It was initiated and organised by the team at St. Albi Bar + Eatery which we featured in one of our blogs as a must-visit restaurant in Moonah (click here to read the full article). 

Owner of this restaurant and the creator of ‘To The North’, Lucy Baker, “felt the desire and need to turn Albert Road into a mecca of colour and engagement in a positive way” and ta-da! It’s in its second year now!!! 

4one4 Property Co: Some scenes from last year's 'To The North' event [Photo: To The North's official website]
Some scenes from last year’s ‘To The North’ event [Photo: To The North’s official website]

Looking back at the footprints of last year’s market, there were over 45 stallholders present. This year, the organisers have expanded it and almost doubled their previous output- pop along and you can expect over 70 stallholders. These range from arts + crafts, New clothing, pre-loved clothing, some of the best fresh Tasmanian produce, food vans of all varieties, and a whole lot more!

Taking into consideration the markets which were affected during the pandemic, Ms Baker sees this event as a hope to reignite the community again.

And its not just about all the stalls, Art fans Rejoice! Tom Deams and Joel Gajda, two local artists, are set to create a huge graffiti canvas and paint for the entirety of the market. Just a fun fact for you out there, Tom Deams is the same street artist who did the massive artwork on the back wall of 4one4 Property Co.’s offices in Glenorchy. And for even more fun facting, because we loved his work so much, we ‘ve recently commissioned him to do some more custom art in our new MediaHouse site office, The Bunker. (exciting times!) 

And to match the fun and games that anyone in attendance can expect- leading up to the event this past week, Deams was hiding some artworks around the Northern Suburbs for people to find in the pursuit of showcasing incredible talent and connecting with the community–all while finding their new and forever homes. Its like a giant game of real life Where’s Wally? or going on a DaVinci Code style adventure in our own ‘flannelette draped’ suburbs. 😉?!

John in Flannelette
John Proudly adorning his clan’s mens Flannelette… if you run into him, ask him about! He would love to tell you about it

Since our team members at 4one4 Property Co. are fond of anything fun and festive, you might just stumble upon some of them. One of these members who’s really keen to attend such an event is John McGregor, a Real Estate Agent. “I actually stumbled onto the event last year and loved it. I live just down the road from where it was being held and whilst I was jogging along, I can hear a buzz of energy that drew me in,” McGregor narrated. 

“It was so much fun to be surprised with the pop-up market, and there were so many great local vendors that were a part of it too… I’ve been looking forward to it coming back all year!’

‘To The North’ is proud to be an inclusive event, that even kids will surely enjoy it! In fact, there’s a ‘Build Your Own Creative Home’ lego play space organised specially for kids and sponsored by the Creative Homes Hobart.

Along with this the first half an hour of the event being a low sensory event for anyone who can become overstimulated in some public settings.

After this, you can pop along and enjoy all the singing and dancing in the most positive way until 3 pm. Non-stop street performances by the NITA Education (Craig Everett), the Taiko Drummers, Tamas from Roaming Trees, Kick Starts Art + Group Noise Rock Choir, and the Latin Spring Dancers x South Side Steppers, are all expected to hype the crowd and the community up on Sunday.

So, whether you are participating as a stallholder, performer, volunteer, spectator, or shopper, you’ll certainly have the best of your time attending something so special to be a part of.

Remember that ‘To The North’ is a free event and everyone is invited, so mark the date in your calendar and we hope to see you this weekend!

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