Welcome to the Team – Renee Kelly

While she’s passionate about getting her job done to the absolute highest quality, she’s equally compassionate with her clients’ lives and their stories. When she works, she always tries to stand in her clients’ shoes, all while putting her heart and soul into everything she does. And now, the hard working superstar of property is ready to team up with 4one4 Property Co. in taking great care of her fellow Hobart locals.

As a naturally outgoing person, she loves how real estate could be an industry for exploration and discovery. No day is ever the same in real estate & the fact that everyday presents a new and exciting challenge motivates her. She loves taking on random adventures, hence, she will fit in perfectly with the team here at 4one4. She’s now more than ready to take on her new role!

4one4 Property Co: Renee Kelly, the newest addition to the Sales Team of 4one4 Property Co.

A new asset for the Sales Team and a new family member of 4one4 Property Co. We’re thrilled to welcome the ever-amazing Renee Kelly! 

Before she officially joined the real estate industry, Renee was a valued employee in an insurance company as a Claims Consultant. She was handling home and motor vehicle clients where she dealt with different people and issues daily. Some of those issues include house fires, car accidents, people affected by major storms, and flooded houses; just to name a few. 

Little did she know that this field has become the perfect training ground for the next phase of her professional life: the real estate industry. All the various situations and events that she had faced as a Claims Consultant, there was one big thing that connected all the dots: Empathy. 

This is also the common denominator that Renee sees between insurance and real estate. 

“I feel that empathy comes straight over in this industry as well, because people are emotionally attached to their properties,” she claimed. “It could be something they’ve grown up with when they were a child or where they watched their children grow,” she continued.

When Renee felt that she already reached the ultimate growth that an insurance company may personally offer, she thought of jumping into a limitless field. Something which has always been at the back of her mind. When the opportunity was presented in front of her, she immediately jumped at it–without a moment’s hesitation. 

After 12 months of planning, she finally landed a job in the real estate industry. Currently, Renee has around 3 years aboard the roller coaster that is the real estate industry–with Sales as her expertise. And now, she’s bringing her talents over to the Sales team at 4one4 Property Co.

Her day-to-today job includes dealing with clients, meeting new people, and building relationships. On top of those, she also uses her negotiation skills to achieve the highest possible selling price for properties. 

While obtaining listings and trying to get the sale price that would satisfy the client could be a tough job at times, Renee doesn’t see these as challenges. Rather, she looks at them as motivation to perform to a high level. She mentioned how she doesn’t want to stress herself, her client, or everyone else in the process to reduce the pressure.

“I don’t like to say it’s a challenge. Yes, it might be a little harder, but it also means I get to work a little harder to achieve great results.”

While she’s trying to juggle everything in place, what Renee considers as the most fulfilling part is creating lifelong impacts. She loves how she gets involved in someone else’s family–she becomes part of it somehow. Whether they’re purchasing their first home, selling their property, or upgrading into bigger family homes, she plays an essential role. 

“You are responsible for the biggest financial asset or the biggest financial decision that they’d ever make in life. You become a contributing factor in making that reality for them. That’s certainly very rewarding.”

With her role requiring full energy and effort, she makes sure to spend time with her family when she’s not communicating with people or processing any documents.

4one4 Property Co: Renee Kelly along with her family

During her spare time, Renee shared how she spends time with her 2 children and Husband. She says her time on the sports court may have come and gone already, so she now ensures to look after her son’s and daughter’s passion for all things active. Thus, most of her weekends are taken up with their sports aspirations and training. Renee can be found coaching her daughter’s Netball team; all the while being the loudest cheerleader for her son, who is fond of football and cricket.

Other than sports, Renee also enjoys packing the family up and taking them on a weekend away camping. She’s more of an active and an outdoor person in general–but above all, she’s a loving wife and mum to her near and dear family. 

For you to get to know our newest Superstar in the Team better, here are some additional details which we received straight from her:

What are you looking forward to with your stay at 4one4 Property Co.?

“Obviously, I’m looking forward to building new relationships–both in the workplace and in opening up new opportunities for clients. I previously had a solid database which I needed to essentially leave behind. I’m looking forward to seeing how 4one4 Property Co. can bring new opportunities that can be put in front of me. A new door means new people, new opportunities, and new rewards.”

What made you choose our agency?

“Culture was a big thing. Everyone’s very down to earth, very friendly, and very approachable. It’s fun, it’s different, and very warming–something that I can relate to; very much into my level. There are a lot of other agencies which are very prim and proper. But here, everyone’s very happy all the time.”

How do you think your closest friends will describe you?

“I’d hope they’d say I’m natural and easy-going. My family would probably say I’m grumpy. Well, I’m pretty casual, basically, what you see is what you get.”

If you weren’t in the real estate industry, what keeps you busy right now?

“I actually wanted to be a Police Officer or a Sports Teacher, like a Health and P.E. Teacher. Those were really my childhood dream careers.” 

Renee has already made a splash in her three years in the real estate industry, she’s still open and is really looking forward to learning more and more everyday. She is excited to harness the positivity that emanates from the Team members at 4one4 Property Co. while she continuously grows in her chosen career path.

If you’re just around the corner, Renee would definitely love to meet you!

Don’t forget to stop by the office and witness how adorable and friendly our newest family member is! 

Renee Kelly // 0458 000 016 // renee@4one4.com.au
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/reneekelly4one4propertyco