Welcome to the Team – Marilyn Rooney

Heading in to a career in real estate six years ago, Marilyn did so with an excitement and passion that had been brewing for a long time! Having bought, sold and renovated property over the years, Marilyn always knew that one day she would pursue this avenue.

Fast forward to now, Marilyn is established in her career but never loses the mindset that every day there is a chance to learn more. Hence, she’s fully ready to embrace the learning experiences ahead and jump headfirst into her new pastel property journey at 4one4 Property Co!

The stars have aligned and the doors were opened! Another great addition to our lovely and lively team has just arrived!!! We are immensely thrilled to welcome you onboard, Marilyn Rooney!

The very character of Marilyn can be clearly witnessed in her professional career moves. Prior to helping people achieve their real estate goals, Marilyn spent a decade working in the dental field; a role that was fun, interesting and required a very nurturing side too as a lot of people are afraid to visit the dentist!

Prior to working in the world of both real estate and dental, Marilyn spent her 20’s  managing an art gallery in Melbourne – her passion and appreciation for various art mediums has never waned and Marilyn possesses a great eye for detail. Add in a couple of years exploring, travelling Europe and living in the UK, Marilyn has certainly made the most of every opportunity to grow, learn and meet people from all walks of life!

Did we mention already that Marilyn has some close friends on the Team even before joining us? Having worked with a number of the 4one4 Team members before, adapting to a new environment will be the least of her challenges for Marilyn and in no time, we are sure she’ll feel right at home in her new pastel digs!

4one4 Property Co: Marilyn Rooney with her dear friend and team member, Suz Wiltshire
Marilyn Rooney with her dear friend and team member, Suz Wiltshire

With her 6 years of experience in the industry, Marilyn knows that patience and empathy are the most valuable traits a Sales Consultant can possess.

“Caring and listening, that’s the most important thing – hearing people’s stories and tailoring the sales approach is key to a successful relationship” Marilyn said. “Knowing how to work with clients on their own personal property journey is important. No two circumstances are the same” she continued.

“The most fulfilling part of my job is the satisfaction that I get from knowing that I’ve really helped someone progress in the next step of their lives and there’s big smiles and hugs all round. A bond formed that will go beyond settlement day–long term connections.”

Marilyn’s professional life must seem really diverse and truth be told, this extends to her personal life. When she’s not exerting her utmost efforts as a Sales Consultant, you’ll find Marilyn reading – she loves historical memoirs and autobiographies in particular. She also has a fondness for watching documentaries of influential and inspirational people and quirky stories! Hundred percent, her willingness to learn and grow her knowledge is timeless and exceptional!

4one4 Property Co: Some of Marilyn's sweet creations
Some of Marilyn’s sweet creations

Marilyn also loves to bake; a pastime she has enjoyed since childhood. Spending time in the kitchen whipping up sweet and savoury treats to share brings much joy! To balance things out, Marilyn makes time for daily exercise and loves energetic aerobic workouts and walking with friends and family. 

An excellent Sales Consultant by day and a loving mum every day. With her diverse collection of passion, experiences, and interests, Marilyn, certainly is one of the most interesting agents that you can bump into out there! 

For any property enquiries, contact Marilyn at your most convenient time:

Marilyn Rooney // 0408 579 454 // marilyn@4one4.com.au