Community Spotlight: Brewlab

4one4 Property Co: Brewlab is located at 22 Gepp Parade Derwent Park [Photo: Chris Kidd]

On the hunt for a new Saturday session hub? Or you wanna try a new go-to place for everyday catch-ups? If you’re looking for either of the two, we have a fresh recommendation for you! 

Save time travelling to the Centre of Hobart or Glenorchy and instead spend that time enjoying this recently-opened craft beer precinct! Launched in the last week of April, Brewlab is specifically located at 22 Gepp Parade, Derwent Park.

4one4 Property Co: Brewlab, a recently-opened craft beer precinct in Derwent Park
Brewlab, a recently-opened craft beer precinct located at 22 Gepp Parade, Derwent Park [Photo: Brewlab]

What to expect? It’s a triple treat – Good food, good drinks, and good times!

What more if you visit this place with good company? We bet you’ll already be thinking of your next visit! What really sparked our Team’s interest in Brewlab was the fact that it does not only house a cafe/bar. Brewlab also features its own function spaces and here is the real kicker, a ‘gypsy’ brewery!

That and other details were shared with us by the power couple, Lesley Van Tuil and Dave Lawrence. Our Team had the chance to catch up with these budding business owners. Lesley and Dave are veterans of the Tasmanian hospitality industry who had individual careers before the eureka moment clocked in. 

4one4 Property Co: Lesley Van Tuil and Dave Lawrence, owners of Brewlab [Photo: Chris Kidd]
Lesley Van Tuil and Dave Lawrence, owners of Brewlab [Photo: Chris Kidd]

Anchored with the thought of providing a great place that offers even greater food and drinks, Brewlab was brought to life. Aside from this, the owners wanted to put up a store that celebrates inclusivity and promotes community involvement.

“One of our goals is to showcase what we can do with our skills and what we have been doing for a really long time now in Hobart,” said Lesley. 

Dave, on the other hand, explained how their presence in the community could make a difference. “There are no other places around here that people could go to. There’s nothing else within walking distance here,” stressed Dave. “We’re looking to give those guys a place where they can come and meet and have a drink and stuff without the need of travelling far,” he continued.

Open from midday each day, in their cafe/bar downstairs, they serve a range of American and Australian-style burgers, deli-style sandwiches, daily salads, and eclectic sides to name a few. But along with their tight menu is their promise to the customers that they will cater to all dietaries. Hence, everything served is healthy. 

4one4 Property Co: Brewlab offers varieties of drinks and food in their cafe/bar
Brewlab offers varieties of drinks and food in their cafe/bar [Photo: Brewlab]

Exciting times happen when good food is paired with great drinks! Beer-wise, Brewlab is focused on Tasmanian craft beer. They offer a rotating roster of eight Tasmanian craft beers on tap, bottled alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and cocktails. Tasmanians can enjoy these in approximately 90 patrons of the cafe/bar–whether in alfresco or indoor dining. They also have a little retail section where people can purchase takeaways. 

The fun continues upstairs! The function space, known as the craft room, is decked out with all your audiovisual needs. This is perfect to help host events and celebrations, along with business meetings or training sessions. Dave highlighted that their place is different from anything around the area at the moment.

“We wanna make it really inclusive and relatable for everybody and make everyone feel welcome here.”

The function space is also equipped with a smoker and roll-top BBQ, enabling Brewlab to tickle their guests’ taste buds and serve different menus to that of the downstairs bar/cafe. 

“We wanna change the game a little bit and do things a little differently,” Lesley claimed. “We wanna offer an affordable space to anyone who wants to come in and facilitate their event, their function, their religion, and such.”

The thing that caught our eye and a major highlight of Brewlab is the opening of their ‘gypsy’ microbrewery. This zone will enable Brewlab to facilitate training courses that can be hired by independent and private brewers. This transforms into a separate function space allowing people to brew beers for service at their own events.

According to Lesley and Dave, this is one of the things that really sets Brewlab apart from other similar places in Hobart. “We’re not just selling beer, but we have a little brewery out the back.” But Lesley & Dave are career hospitality superstars & not brewers, and seeing as neither of them know the ins and outs of brewing the perfect beer, they’re getting in local Tasmanian brewers to do the magic. 

Starting up any new and unique venture is always a challenge, and Lesley & Dave have been getting their hands dirty in many different aspects of the business. Whether it be figuring out how to put together tables and chairs to make the space comfortable and functional, to mastering the purchase order system and payroll. With no overflowing resources at hand, this duo tried to adapt and learn various things with the help of their family and friends. 

4one4 Property Co: Brewlab's customers may opt to enjoy alfresco dining
Brewlab’s customers may opt to enjoy alfresco dining [Photo: Brewlab]

“Learning every aspect of the business has been a challenge for us, even just that in itself.”

Though there may have been some teething issues trying to solve setting up the business, on the other side of the fence, what they consider the most fulfilling part of the process has been building their team. According to Dave, being able to choose their own staff is quite satisfying. Apart from that, seeing the place built from scratch and how it’s evolved to where it is now is something they are most fulfilled about. 

Before we ended our conversation with them, of course, we didn’t forget to get some words of wisdom and advice for aspiring people who wish to take a similar path. 

“Be prepared to go with the flow and deal with any setbacks. Believe in yourself and listen to your heart. It’s not easy; it’s actually hard, but don’t give up.”

Our Team at 4one4 Property Co. can’t wait to visit Brewlab and try out their specialties (anyone that knows him, our Director, Patrick Berry, will know that he is always up to try out a new fancy beer or new establishment serving them!). Plus, the added bonus is there is no need to cross the Flannelette Curtain just to discover new and amazing places. Brewlab is here to change the game! Moonah, Derwent Park, and Glenorchy are all coming alive with new businesses like these popping up more and more regularly.

Speaking of which, in one of our recent blogs, we also featured a similar place not too far away called ‘The Albert Brewery and Taproom’. Perhaps pop into one, or even both, of these local businesses to try out some of Tassie’s best Food and Drinks.

If you’re interested to know more about it, click here.

Brewlab’s social media handles:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brewlabaustralia

Instagram: @brewlabaustralia

Website: brewlab.net.au