The Bunker: New MediaTeam’s Home

With the growth of the 4one4 team being so rapid in recent years, space was truly becoming a premium within the offices. Whilst the line ‘I need space’ is commonly seen in romantic films, we thought it was our time to say that spiel (minus the heartbreaking scene, of course). For as much as we want to provide constant quality service, we actually need a place to extract all the creative juices first. Hence, we needed to find a solution…

And we’re thrilled to share with you the solution we’ve come up with! 

Lo and behold, it was a 40ft shipping container which our team affectionately dubs ‘The Bunker’, fitted out with all mod cons you can imagine!!!

4one4 Property Co: A quick look of The Bunker's interior
A quick look at The Bunker’s interior

It’s not 4one4 if it’s not something different. You know we aren’t your everyday agency! Well, we mean not every real estate company has had their own Media Team growing within them for a few years now. And not every real estate company would think to put the ‘creatives’ types in their own custom-built site office… because that’s just a recipe for disaster, isn’t it?

But since we’re here to put the ‘extra’ in the ‘ordinary’, we formed our own Media and Marketing Team from all over the world- Like the Avengers themselves, we have assembled a team of heroes to get in the trenches and kick butt advertising our business and vendors. (Unfortunately two of our Avengers workspaces, let’s say our Spider-Man and Black Widow, do have them based offshore; so they can only digitally join in the fun that the newly dubbed Bunker brings! But, let it be known the day we develop that holographic technology all those super heroes seem to use, they’ll be sitting side by side with the team in unison?!).

The great news is that with the superstar team we are able to bring a lot of our marketing and advertising initiatives in-house–so we couldn’t think of any better solution than ‘The Bunker’ to keep everything and everyone on the same page.

4one4 Property Co: Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.
Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.

Our team’s Director, Patrick Berry, has also shared his insights highlighting how valuable and practical the idea of putting up the ‘Bunker’ is. “It’s been an interesting 18 months at 4one4 with our team growing in size. Within that short period of time, who would have thought that we would run out of room within our main office but here we are!” he expressed.

 “By using the idea of a container meant that we could expand the office in a very short period of time and give the team the space to continue to grow without any disruption to the main office.” 

To bring the space to life and get that 4one4 feel, the team called on local artist, Deams, the same who created the graffiti masterpiece at the back of our office, to once again fill the space with colours and pop some custom stylings adorning the interior. We just love how everything turned out: elegant-looking from the outside, playful and fun on the inside. 

Speaking of, inside ‘The Bunker’, there are 5 workspaces for staff members along with 2 purpose-built edit suites. Along with a private meeting space for staff to undertake training and Zoom conferences, one of the newest features we put is the chroma key green screen which we can use to level up our indoor shoots (we’re excited to use it!!!). Heck, I know someone on the staff had dreams of being a weatherman in their younger years- this could be their chance to step up to the big leagues!? ‘Tomorrow’s Open homes will be sunny with a high chance of SALES!!!!’

4one4 Property Co: Director Patrick Berry and Digital Media Head Aaron Horne inside 'The Bunker'
Director Patrick Berry and Digital Media Head Aaron Horne inside ‘The Bunker’

Whilst currently sitting on-site at 4one4 Property Co, being a 40ft shipping container, The Bunker’s nature allows for it to be picked up and moved to its next location for the inevitable future growth of 4one4. It could also go well as a site office–perfectly shaped for future development.

We are excited to create both lovely memories and lively marketing ideas inside ‘The Bunker’. Here’s to embracing changes and new spaces! Stay tuned for more fresh updates about the most colourful, and as we like to think–the most fun real estate agency across Tasmania!