Celebrating National Property Managers Day 2022

We had so much fun getting together to celebrate our amazing property managers last year and this year, we thought of doing it again–but in true 4one4 fashion: we’re definitely pulling out all the stops!!!

Everyday, we pride ourselves on bringing a bit of fun and energy into the workplace and these superstars deserve nothing but positive praises for all the work they do. Since they’ve got a special day dedicated to the hard work they do, we thought we should shine that limelight onto our super deserving team.… So let’s bust a groove thing and celebrate our superstar team!!!

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At the same time last year, we mentioned in our blog how property managers served as the unsung heroes during the global pandemic (which you can read here).

The good news is that the COVID era seems to have started to ease up a touch (🤞) & we have onboarded some additional heroes to the proud 4one4 Family.

4one4 Property Co: The amazing ladies of the Property Management Team
The amazing ladies of the Property Management Team

From seven lovely staff members, our rental department has now grown into twelve with 2 of them working offshore. We’re sure you have heard the expression “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it also takes a good team working together to smash some goals. And the property management industry is no different. Not only did our property management team grow in terms of size, but this year, we’ve also achieved different milestones with the help of everyone in the team. 

4one4 Property Co: Joanne Strange, 4one4's Business Development Manager
Joanne Strange, 4one4’s Business Development Manager

One of which is the introduction of a new role to our rental team, Business Development Manager (BDM). Joanne Strange, 4one4’s BDM, was able to list over 150 management within just a 10-month period. This figure has also increased our agency value by approximately $400,000. Furthermore, it led us to hire administrative support along with another property manager to effectively manage the growing number of managements our rental team is handling. 

Another notable milestone that the property management team has brought us was 4one4 Property Co. being named as Tasmania’s Rental Agency of the Year and also ranked 50th in the entirety of Australia during RateMyAgent 2022 Agent of the Year Awards

With the growth of our agency, we have also been thrilled to promote several staff within the department. Our longest serving property manager, Kristy Adams, has been promoted into the role of Team Leader. Kristy is an absolute rockstar and a member that the whole team looks up to as a mentor. We are so excited to see her flourish in this new role providing mentorship to the team and support with running the team to Abbey. 

We have also been excited to be able to promote two of our newest team members, Taylese Butterworth and Mikayla Hall, into the role of Senior Portfolio Manager. In a short time, these two have proven themselves to be tenacious yet diplomatic PM’s who set a great example to the rest of the team.

While most of us spend our days walking up and down the stairs, putting up blinds, and sorting all kinds of nuts and bolts, property managers are out there looking after everything that makes our homes run. Now, more than ever, is the time to show some love and appreciation to all these amazing people across the country.

4one4 Property Co: The hardworking Property Management Team of 4one4 Property Co.
The hardworking Property Management Team of 4one4 Property Co.

Our Team at 4one4 Property Co. extends our deepest gratitude and admiration to Abbey Berry, our Property Management Director,  to the whole 4one4 Rental Team, and to all the property managers out there in Australia. May you continue to turn your burning passion into results-driven action. Happy National Property Managers Day!!! 

If you wish to hear more, we invited Abbey for a quick talk about anything Property Management in the latest episode of The Property Pod.