How Planning your New Home or Renovations just got easier

Planning your New Build or Renovation just got easier for Tasmanians

PlanBuild Tasmania Set in Motion

Planning and building your property in Tassie has just become as easy as 1,2,3. 

A user-friendly online portal designed to make the property journey of Tasmanians more convenient has recently been launched! Considering its main use, the portal is called PlanBuild Tasmania.

In a nutshell, PlanBuild Tasmania was developed to streamline the property development approval process for Tasmanians looking to build. It aims to provide an online portal that facilitates the application and assessment process for planning, building, plumbing, and other related public health applications. 

PlanBuild Tasmania is set to release in phases. Currently, its phase one, Enquiry Service, is available to access by the public. In this phase, anyone is allowed to enter an address and see what planning zones and codes apply to their property.

A Property Report can be generated here. This includes maps, details of the planning zones, codes, and other information that affect the selected property

Ryan Building with approved plans from Plan Build Tasmania
Planning your New Build or renovations just easier
with PlanBuild Tasmania

Since our Director, Patrick Berry, is fond of progress and anything and everything technological, this online portal is 100% 4one4-approved! According to Patrick, PlanBuild Tasmania is a game-changer. “It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to find out more information about a property they may be eyeing to purchase within the Tasmanian marketplace,” he said. 

4one4 Property Co: Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.
Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.

“The ability to quickly search an extensive collection of government databases in one hit is a game-changer.”

For those properties that fall under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, PlanBuild Tasmania provides a comprehensive Guided Enquiry service. This includes identifying planning, building, and plumbing rules that may apply to a proposed project. This proposed project could include changes to one’s residential property such as building a deck, doing internal renovations, and such. 

Aside from these, the online portal isn’t only useful for those looking to buy property to live in. Wondering if you can use the building for commercial purposes? PlanBuild also provides information on food businesses and when operating risk-based businesses that require specific licenses. You may be able to work through a series of questions on your proposed project. This will answer the following details: (1) who to consult, (2) who can do the work, and (3) what to apply for.

Once you have completed your enquiry but you have additional questions or you wish to request advice from a council, this can still be lodged using PlanBuild Tasmania.

Episode 118 of The Property Pod: “PlanBuild Tasmania Online Portal Launches”

In a recent episode of our Team’s own podcast, The Property Pod, the trio shared their thoughts about this recently-released portal. John McGregor, a Real Estate Agent at 4one4 Property Co., finds the first phase or the inquiry stage brilliant. “Having it be an online portal takes away the need to go into council and seek approval… some enquiries could be as simple as popping a garden shed on there [the property]…” John said. “So, to have these online resources where you can air such general enquiries and get good support, it seems like a great platform,” he continued. 

4one4 Property Co: John McGregor, Real Estate Agent at 4one4 Property Co., shares his thoughts about PlanBuild Tasmania
John McGregor, Real Estate Agent at 4one4 Property Co, during the recording of an episode in The Property Pod

On the same podcast episode, Patrick literally shared his real time discovery of how powerful the online portal is and how useful it can be. “I’ve just created the PDF on John’s property at Battery Point while we sit here and it’s a five-page PDF it generates…and it’s literally got everything. It’s got the Zoning, it’s got where the water pipes are running with Tas water, the power lines and sewage… Literally, everything is here!”

Furthermore, with the help of PlanBuild Tasmania, purchasers may already check through the portal if developments subject to council approval (STCA) are really feasible.

“I know that our team will use this website daily moving forward and are confident that the information the site provides access to will really benefit our clients in the future.”

Moreover, looking to the future, phase two of this platform will be launched later in 2022. It will be focused on delivering application lodgement and tracking functionality. PlanBuild Tasmania then will be beneficial in submitting applications, paying fees, purchasing titles, and uploading documents, to name a few. 

Elise Archer, Minister for Workplace Safety and Consumer Affairs, is very pleased that this important milestone for the PlanBuild Tasmania portal development has been reached, by far. 

“I look forward to [PlanBuild Tasmania] helping Tasmanians make the planning process easier,” Elise ended.

“PlanBuild Tasmania is intuitive to use and aims to deliver a consistent, transparent and streamlined application process to all users. This includes property owners, property developers, industry professionals, the general public, and other agencies.”

Should you wish to learn more about PlanBuild Tasmania or start an enquiry, visit planbuild.tas.gov.au.