A Milestone of 150 Managements

4one4 Property Co. is fast becoming one of the market-leading property management companies in Hobart & Southern Tasmania, and with the addition of Joanne Strange as our Business Development Manager, we show no signs of slowing down… 

4one4 Property Co: Joanne Strange, Business Development Manager, brought 150 new managements to 4one4 Property Co.
Joanne Strange, Business Development Manager at 4one4 Property Co.

Joanne (or more affectionately known as Jo) officially joined the team in August 2021. She has been able to bring 150 new managements to 4one4 Property Co. in a period of just under 10 months. This is an amazing achievement for any real estate company, and the whole team at 4one4 is so proud of this success. Anyone that knows her can attest that Jo isn’t the type of person to blow her own horn–so by jove, we are going to do it for her!

Abbey Berry, Director and Head of Property Management, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Jo. “We are so proud of Jo for all that she has achieved in such a short period of time and are excited to see where she ends for the financial year…” Abbey said. “When she started with us, we knew just how hard she worked and that her drive and passion were outstanding,” she continued.

4one4 Property Co: Abbey Berry, Director and Head of Property Management
Abbey Berry, Director and Head of Property Management

“She has gone above and beyond any target we could have set for her & it really is exciting to see her excel in her role.”

Not only did Jo successfully increase the figures, but also contributed to the company’s growth in terms of size. Her additions to the company’s portfolios have brought in a dramatic value increase to the company and grown the department to a place where extra jobs have been created. We were able to employ additional property managers to be able to manage the workload and ensure Jo and 4one4 Property Co’s high management standards are met. 

Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co. and the Office favourite 🤣🤣, also shared how amazed he is with the performance of Jo. “Jo’s ability to discover opportunities is like nothing else,” Patrick claimed. He revealed how Jo outlined her goal of achieving 100 managements per year in one of their meetings 12 months ago. 

“I thought to myself: ‘Is that even possible?’, but when given the correct support, systems, and technology, 100 management is only the beginning for her,” he narrated. 

4one4 Property Co: Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.
Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Property Co.

When we spoke with Jo months ago to officially welcome her to the team, she shared how character and personality are very important to her. Jo mentioned how she leads her life, especially her professional life, by the motto: “Treat everyone like how you want to be treated.” 

This, perhaps, drives her to where she is today and to where she is heading. We actually turned that conversation into a ‘Welcome to the Team’ blog and here’s a reminder from Jo, herself:

“Don’t ever think that you’re above anybody else. It’s the same when I meet different clients. I know if I should be a little bit more reserved or if I can be a little bit more of myself. Just treat everybody fair and with respect and I think you can go a long way with that.”

If you want to read the full blog about Jo, click here.

4one4 Property Co: Paige Richardson and Joanne Strange of the Business Development Team
Paige Richardson and Joanne Strange of the Business Development Team

Of course, just like Thelma, Jo needed a Louise to fulfil her goals and pull off this milestone. Equally hardworking and passionate, Paige Richardson has slotted into the role of assistant to Jo as if they have been working together for years . Like bread and butter, Jo and Paige complement each other. Each became the strength of the other’s weakness and from there, they are able to get positive results with most investors that come along their way.

With this tandem’s combined efforts and consistent communication, we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from different investors. Below are some great reviews from their lovely clients:

“Having purchased my first investment property, I had NO idea about the ins and outs of having an agent look after a property for me. Jo made time to actually come to see at my office and explained everything so clearly and in a way I could understand. Jo is always so welcoming and friendly anytime I have to reach out to her with an enquiry. I’m so glad our paths have had a chance to cross- I look forward, hopefully one day, being able to refer more business her way as I know my properties will be looked after like they were her own” – Angela

“I find Joanne Strange to be a very professional, easy to work, very organised & efficient Property Manager. Communication is the key priority for us in choosing a property manager for our investment property being inter-state and we are extremely happy that we chose 4one4 where Jo looks after us. We had spoken to few other firms but 4one4 stood out given the exceptional service by Jo. We love working with Jo for many years in managing our investment property.” – Hansi

“When initially deciding to have my rental property managed, I was nervous having someone else manage it, but Jo and her team have been outstanding and wish I had done it sooner. They have all gone above and beyond the communication with me as the owner has been professional and I have always been kept in the loop. If you’re thinking of handing over the management of your rental, I couldn’t recommend Jo and her team more highly!” – Madeline

Let these reviews speak for Joanne Strange herself. If you are an investor and you’re looking for a Business Development Manager that could help you in your property journey right from the beginning until the very end, you may reach out to Jo through:

Joanne Strange // 0466 591 307 // joanne@4one4.com.au

Again, Congratulations to Jo for a very successful milestone! Cheers!!!